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I think it is time to present to those who have accompanied me at all times, good and bad ... Our Lady says that "... the signs are given and happy are those who know how to see them".

When I met her, to Alba, I felt a need to protect her ... I was struck by her character of apparent indifference and firmness in the face of day-to-day events and I still remember how she was very scared when the Virgin wept for the first time, in fact not He came that day but his mother. I have seen how your children have grown, well trained. Alba is fortunate to have some wonderful parents, Mrs. Maria and Mr. Melquiades, who sheltered her in her house so that she could dedicate herself to the education and training of her children, since she had some kind of economic tranquility and worked with flowers to pay for their studies.

Alba was unconditional for many years, leaving everything I had to do to attend to me when I had the stigmata ... for me it is someone very special to whom I love with the depth that the Virgin taught me to have; sometimes I remember with nostalgia those first years when we were so close and there will always be a prayer in my heart towards her, as I said before; her husband left her with three small children and today I see them men and professionals, I feel very proud of them, because I always saw them grow beside me like my own children.

The Blessed Virgin with the help of Father Luis David, guided her on her way to belong to Carmel, on July 16, 2010 she dedicated herself to the Virgin of Carmen, what a wonderful gift! ... and now Alba moves between the Church San Nicolás de Bari and the enclosure where the manifestation of the Virgin is, His Sacred Place.

I would like to speak now of Dr. Rodrigo Ordáz, he was the one who initiated me to write down all my experiences and I remember when I told him about the tragedies I saw, "... where man became mud"; Together with his wife Rosita, they dedicated their time to filming the tears of the Virgin when she cried and we all felt shocked, because we felt the suffering of the Mother. The Mother has led the two to have a beautiful mission with Jesus of Mercy and spread it throughout Margarita.

Another person I should mention is Dr. Enrique Aguilar, someone really special, because he was with me from the first moment; He suffered a lot when the Virgin wept, he was a faithful companion for many years, at whatever time I had the stigmata, he stopped doing what he was doing and accompanied us. There were written notes of his medical follow-up of 7 years of attention, the Mother chose him for this mission because he is a pious man, of intense faith, with a beautiful family to whom I have much to thank him, I always pray for him and I carry him in my heart.

One day I was suffering a lot because I had a lot of pain, he asked the Virgin to feel a little what I felt and when he injected me, he felt a strong pain so intense in the whole body that was stuck to the wall, it was when He confessed that he was asking the Mother to feel something that I felt and the Mother, as always generous, pleased him.

In this awakening that I had in faith, in this encounter with Mary and Jesus, he was the best guide. One day we went to the Carmel of the Cloister to see a very old nun, I will never forget the blue eyes, crystalline and beautiful of that nun, she was dying but she had happiness and purity and that was what Dr. wanted me to see , there were many, many pleasant moments that I spent with him, also some difficult ones. I thank the Virgin for having placed him by my side.

"Mary, always Mary", words of the Virgin when she refers to Maria Mata, is like a great flower that has an immense, generous aroma, her time is going to give, helping the elderly, bringing food to the indigent, is an obese person and yet, I never heard a complaint; every time someone called her she was there to answer: when it was not in a basket, it was a bag of food, it was getting something for some of the churches, father substitute father Alberto Mata, had time for everything, it was as miraculous.

In my moments of suffering, he would sit and stroke my head, touch my spines and praying, always praying, how much I would alleviate those prayers that everyone did. Maria is out of series, I would be short to describe her, she is a character, someone who has the grace of generosity and a lot of love to give, she was a young widow and raised her 5 daughters ... who has not eaten a cake made by María Kill ?, Mary, Maria, how much I love you!

Diana, the serene, the centered, I saw her crying hugging the picture of the Virgin as a little girl clinging to her mother, sweet encounters in the house, amorous conversations about the gift that the Virgin had given her in an encounter with Her and with all of us. I love Diana very much, she has been unconditional with me, she has taken care of me, she has defended me, we really had beautiful moments, in her house and in mine, her husband Mauricio was terrified of my riddles that we did in games when it was the birthday of any of us, a man of faith, a beautiful couple, with beautiful daughters, whom the encounter with the Virgin made them grow and gave them that opportunity to feel something inexplicable as is Her love, many times she was my side taking care of me.

Mirna ... for me Mirna is someone special, from the first moment she understood that I was a normal being. One day in a conversation at the florist made me open my eyes, she can not imagine today how much that conversation helped me, she has a very beautiful family besides her children, her parents, her siblings and above all the quality that is bigger than has Mirna is that she is sincere, pure in her evaluations, she has always been by my side, she had to leave the island because of work and how much we miss her; I remember that one afternoon when I was at the beginning of the stigmata process, when everyone was gathered on the edge of my bed, she had my hand on my head and at that moment the energy of the Lord entered and passed through her hand, trembling It was very big what he felt.

Many times I accompany myself to the things that I liked to do, without judging, without criticizing and without pointing, only giving their time and their affection. We had many pleasant moments and today I thank the Virgin because she was part of that balance that I needed.

My dear Maritza, the Virgin wanted it to be her for some time in charge of the florist, gave us the opportunity to share in it, never said no, took us everywhere without arguing, cheerful, helpful, pray with great devotion , took many people to that encounter with Maria; many hours were spent by my side, taking care of me, attending to me, praying, deeply love the Virgin and as all of us found her in that Sacred Place. Maritza was refreshing in those years, a sister, a friend, like not wanting her, like leaving her alone, impossible!

These days I saw her when I was in Margarita, I went to her house for lunch and she was so happy remembering that day that her roof frosted, a beam from the wooden roof was filled with frost. In his house there were birthday meetings that we enjoyed so much ... thank you Mother for putting Maritza in my life.

Marino Fermín was out of curiosity, like almost everyone, to the florist, where he could never go out again, his encounter with the Virgin was wonderful, it led him to be a man of faith and I have fond memories of those moments we shared. Today he also dedicated himself to the Virgin of Carmen, is dedicated in the church and devoted himself entirely. He is very close to Alba, he is his confidant ... what fills me with peace is to see that through that wonderful miracle that were the tears of the Virgin's blood, many people have taken the path to God.

Carolina came to the florist when the Virgin was crying, I remember Rodrigo Ordáz, Rosita and Dr. Aguilar and she, without knowing me, took me to her house. Today I understood that it was a hug that the Virgin gave us, she is one of my beloved daughters, unconditional, respectful, I never heard from her lips a criticism, a censure to anyone, she is very reserved with her personal life, which I respect .

Her shyness makes her seem like an antipathy, when it's the opposite, it's all kindness and generosity, she knows that I love her, that I take care of her and that in my every day she is in my prayers towards her and I know, that she's with me. Another gift that the Mother gave me, a full, sincere, unbreakable friendship, that not even the bad tongues typical of a small place like a town, could separate us.

Gladys Duben, my favorite Marrrrgariteña! She is a character, she has been faithful to me since the first day, I smile at her thinking, how much support she gave me when the first frosts appeared and they were in front of her, how much support she gave me and she keeps giving me.

Just to see Gladys it's a pleasure to go to Margarita, she's already her age, she's grumbling (though she's fine anyway), she smokes like a carter and she has a cough, but I love her ... spontaneously like no one, she does not think to say the truths, another unconditional one and as the young people would say: a fan. For me it is like a mother and it fills me with joy to know that in each Rosary she is present. Her daughter and her granddaughter are very beautiful, in her youth she was a great warrior and in her old age she is a lady, that the Virgin always protects me and takes care of me.

Carmen sol, the first time I saw her in the florist shop, my sweetness caught my attention, a very beautiful woman physically, she was really impressed, and many times I have seen her cry before the picture of the Virgin; When she met Harold who is her husband, they got married on the island and she got frosty all over the wedding, for reasons beyond my control I could not be on that day, I was out of the country.

She has taken care of me, I have received a lot, a lot of love on her part, another unconditional one, they form a beautiful couple, they are going through difficult situations at this moment, like everyone in the country and yet they take refuge in the Virgin, it was through That entrance in the florist that she directed her life and her marriage to God, is another of my beloved daughters, she asks me for the blessing every time she calls me.

Sometimes I have the nostalgia and would like to be a little closer to her, but she lives in Pariaguán, but we are together almost all the time at the distance of a phone call, I have her in my prayers as I know she has me in her . He came for the consecration of Alba, he always wants to be in the moments of any of us, he is very generous.

Rossi Macció, how many beautiful things we had together, I fully trusted her, she was my confidant, a beautiful person, she is in an incessant search of God and of the Virgin ... when I see a bird with beautiful plumage perched on a branch, I remember Rossi, because she flew away but always came back, she is my friend, since she understood me at times when I needed to be a little more human, without being judged, or censured and I understood her weaknesses and weaknesses, and together we gave ourselves support. He has a big heart, he loves his parents, he works for the San Juan de Dios Hospital in social works, it's like a rose that to get to it you have to jump thorns, but I never forget the aroma of that rose that supported me in the more difficult moments. It was the one that was with me when I had to pack to come to Caracas. Rossi, my little Rossi.

I remember when Isa took Carlos to the florist, they were leaving; Isa had several years of widowhood and the moment they knelt down to pray before the picture of the Virgin in the prie-dieu, I could see that an immense light enveloped them and I knew that this was the man that God had sent him and I did it notice. They have been married for 5 years and they are very happy.

Isa went to the florist from the beginning, she was discreet, she approached the Rosaries and little by little she became a beloved daughter, she could say many things about Isa and Carlos, her approach to God and the Virgin, although Carlos already I was a deacon of the Church, I have shared their suffering because they can not receive communion; Carlos was divorced for years but he saw Isa for the first time entering the Church and said: "that is going to be my wife" ... God moved his threads in a subtle way so that they would meet and so it was. Your house is like my house, I make retreats in it where I find much peace, I love them very much, I always have them in my prayers. They have had marvelous demonstrations at home, they are full of love and peace.

Teolinda ... small in stature and giant in love and kindness. I met her long before the manifestation of the Virgin, it was a meeting where I appreciated her integrity, her nobility; I was a very feared judge because I was not allowed to buy, it restored my credibility in Venezuelan justice. I remember that Alba and I went to take an image of the Virgen del Valle to the court, the work hour was over, when one of the lawyers came out to say to us: "... the judge has finished and can not receive anyone"; With a seriousness and respect, I said: "... tell him it's Rosaura and Alba, that we came to bring you the Virgin."

Of course, we knew the friend, the joker, who always has a joke in the mouth and find that display of security and respect, it impacted us. When we entered that she saw the Virgin, she began to cry like a child and I remember that all the staff looked at us as if amazed.

They are many years of friendship, respect, affection, where I have been involved with his family, husband Mario and their children, a solid home based on respect, morals and above all love. My little great judge, how much I love her, unconditional, always by my side, every time I had to take care of myself, I cried, of an impressive sensibility ... God bless me and always protect me, that I will always be with her. I love you Teolinda.

I remember that one day Matilde asked all those who were praying in the room (I had the stigmata) why do not they ask the Virgin questions ?, and she had a notebook with her pen. When the process began, everyone expected Matilde to ask something, but her emotion was so great that she could not ask anything, she was piqued.

hy did I leave it at the end of this list? ... Because it is said that the latter will come first, although I do not really do it with a pre-established order, but if I leave Matilde to close with a flourish. Unconditional friend, never echoed nor rumors nor stories, always supported us all with his newspaper, has always been by my side in good times and bad, my friend, my partner, who understands me, with the that today despite the distance we remain united in a deep and true friendship.

Sometimes it seems fragile more, it is strong, firm, of solid principles, very good mother, very good daughter and therefore wife, with a great faith in God and in the Blessed Virgin. I know that if I reach for her hand, she will reach out to me. The Virgin said on one occasion: "... extend your hand and you will find Me", at that moment I remembered Matilde. God bless you, may the Virgin cover me with Her mantle to her and to all who are on this list.

oday there are many people close to me, wonderful, of whom I could say many things, for example: Toña Granado with her voice singing to the Virgin, her perseverance and her love; América Blanco, whose feelings go beyond love, Anaika Marin, ideal companion in the retreats with her love given to the Mother ... I think it would take days to talk about the loving people that the Virgin has placed at my side. I thank the Mother infinitely for having placed them all by my side:

Anaika Marín.
América Blanco.
Alba M. Rodríguez Duben.
Dr. Rodrigo Ordáz y Rosita de Ordáz.
Dr. Enrique Aguilar y Familia.
Toña Granado.
María Mata Quilarte.
María Isabel Mata.
María Amelia.
Diana Sulbarán
Mirna Rivera.
Maritza Rodríguez.
Marino Fermín.
Carolina Lehman.
Gladys Duben.
Carmen Sol Mejias y Harold Colmenares.
Rossi Macció.
Isa Santaella y Carlos kubler.
Teolinda Fuentes y Familia.
Matilde Robinson y Familia.