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Text and Photos: Lic. Matilde Guiscafre de Robinson.

On October 26, 2017 the Epiphany of the Lord in Porlamar, Isla de Margarita, was celebrated in the Church, one more year of the Manifestation of Tears of Blood of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Valley, the Conciliadora, in a painting painted by Rosaura Gonzalo. We celebrate the 18th anniversary, as always, with the Prayer Group of the Rosary and all the faithful devotees of the Virgin of the Valley who year after year gather with much love, in the Eucharistic Encounter.

At 5 in the afternoon the celebration began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary followed by the Mass officiated by the Pbro. Rafael Rodríguez inside a melodious frame of beautiful songs of praise to Our Virgin of the Valley and offerings that with love and sacrifice were collected and donated for the Church.

During the Holy Mass, Father Rafael reflects on the links of the Manifestation of the Virgin Mary: - The Virgin is shown as Conciliator; the one that unites, the one that connects, so that we, dear faithful who imitate it, may also place ourselves in that service of Her, of reconciling.

Later, the priest, very moved, continued to give a message of faith and conciliation, bearing in mind the Image of the Manifestation of Tears of Blood in the picture of María del Valle, the Conciliadora, and says: Paul in the Letter to the Corinthians said that God Himself was in Christ reconciling the world with Him, without asking Him for his sins and he has entrusted us with the word of reconciliation... So we are called to what God asks, that is why it is good that we take it into account today, when we celebrate the Blessed Virgin, and we see to what extent we are conciliators or we are dividing, adding or dividing. The father continues: - Christ came to add, Mary came to add. Mary invites us today to add, to add, not to disintegrate.... And Father Rafael concludes with these words: - In the measure dear faithful, in which we join the Savior Plan of God and we reconcile with God all the things and all the people that we have around us, we enter fully into that plan of God as Maria did.

Before the end of Holy Mass, Father Rafael, visibly moved expressed to those present that he always keeps a small picture that was given to him by Rosaura Gonzalo, where he narrates the events of the Manifestation of Tears of Blood; and continues saying - Today we are celebrating the MANIFESTATION OF THE VIRGIN MARY, here is the painter of the Painting and in this stamp there is a prayer in front of the image that Rosaura wrote to the Virgin of the Valley at that time and I am going to read it because I love it and I shudder:

"To the Virgin of the Valley ...
I want to believe in You beautiful lady. Fly in prayers to You. My soul needs you. What do you know about her? I paint you beautiful. I want to believe you beautiful. I want to dream. I do not hear or see when I paint you. Are you there. You flow from my hand almost without drawing. I want to believe in You beautiful mother. I need it. Help me to frighten the loneliness, the smell of sadness. I want to believe in you. Scare old memories. Give me your light Refuge. I want to believe in you Mother of the valley".

Rosaura Gonzalo.

The father gives the blessing to the faithful. Eucharistic Celebration ends.

I have a feeling of wellbeing and silent reflection inside: The Temple of God gives us peace, strengthens the faith, comforts the soul and reminds us that we are not alone ...














Text and Photos: Lic. Matilde Guiscafre de Robinson.

On October 26, 17 years of the Manifestation of Blood Tears of the Virgin Mary of the Valley was celebrated in a painting by the painter Rosaura Gonzalo in Porlamar, Isla de Margarita. As every year, it was celebrated with a Rosary and Holy Mass surrounded by an atmosphere of faith and hope, in a warm atmosphere and much more intense recollection, under the framework of a few days of tension in a convulsed and suffering country.

But the Virgin as always opens the way for us to pray and manifest our devotion to her together. The Virgin works miracles, traces routes, points out destinies and designs purposes so that we can follow Her steps towards where She wants to guide us.

The Mass officiated by Father Rafael Rodríguez in the Church The Epiphany of the Lord in Porlamar, was beautiful, vibrant, and fervent, with all the signs of piety that always characterize the Divine Presence of Mary the Mother of Jesus, and of all Her children in this blessed land.

Alba Rodríguez Dubén offered some very heartfelt words about the Manifestation during the Mass that described her as "MARIA DEL VALLE, MOTHER AND MASTER and continued ... After the phenomenal fact of the tears of blood coming out of the canvas, of the moments in which the Virgin Mary It is presented to leave the messages, and in the text of each message itself, we are geared with Jesus, in view of the fact that these messages carry an evangelical content that directs us to fulfill the premise of the true devotee of Mary: BE CHRIST-CENTRAL.
Mary as Mother asks us to pray, to approach the brother and to look for His Son present in the Eucharistic Table, to love and respect the Holy Church of Jesus.

Mary as a teacher teaches us to preserve in this life the celestial treasures that the Father gave us: Salvation.

The raison d'etre of this manifestation is summarized in its name: "Mary The Conciliator, she came to reconcile her children, to make us see that we are one with Her Son, even though they are different".

Floral offerings and food baskets were given to the church and the choir group sang songs of praises during the Mass and the Eucharist. The reading of the Psalms was in charge of Rosaura Gonzalo, and María Mata.

At the end of the Holy Mass, Rosaura, excited and satisfied by the participation of faith and perseverance that the devotees of the Virgin have always had, gave hugs and expressions of affection to those present, reminding us that they have been 17 years of constant messages and manifestations of love and presence of the Virgin Mary of the Valley and that this date we celebrate year after year, should serve to raise awareness that Mother, for one or multiple reasons, manifested with Tears of Blood in that picture on October 26 of the year 1999 and that continues to manifest with His messages and immeasurable love for all His children.

Today more than ever, we must pray to the Virgin Mary to intercede before Our Lord Jesus Christ His Son, for our country, and peace in the whole world.


Manifestation of the Tears of Blood of the Virgin of the Valley October 26, 2015

Photos thanks to: Matilde Robinson.


15 years ago the Virgin of the Valley manifested
with tears of blood, on a small canvas in Porlamar ...

With great fervor, massive assistance and joy, congregated in the church "The Epiphany of the Lord" in Porlamar (Nueva Esparta state) parishioners, ecclesiastical authorities, personalities of the island and believers, around the small canvas in cloth that plasma through the acrylic technique, the simple image of the Virgen del Valle, where the miracle manifested by our "Vallita" is noted in the original work of Rosaura Gonzalo, better known by the locals as "the lady of the Virgin".

From Caracas, Turmero, Villa de Cura, Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar, Barcelona and many other far corners of our homeland, hundreds of people arrived to the island to celebrate 15 years of such a great contemporary miracle, a phenomenon that still arouses the curiosity of the science, the respect on the part of the catholic hierarchs, as well as of its institution, and of the fervent town that venerates to him year after year.

The Mass began at 11:00 a.m, where songs of praise and joy were sung by the choir of the sister parish of "San Nicolás de Bari", thus welcoming the religious authorities and assistants in general. The office in honor of the Virgin of the Valley and its manifestation, was in charge of the presbyter Miguel Angel Vielma, parish priest of the church "San Luis Rey" of Villa de Cura (Aragua state), where he was granted this distinction by the priest official of the parish "The epiphany of the Lord", Father Alberto Mata Salazar, in view of the fact that the Mother has carried her message and special touch with total zeal, to that parish of Aragüeña.

It was very exciting what happened in the church ... you could really feel the energy and the magical presence of the Virgin, who seemed to walk between the ships of the temple and among all, because many and without any grief let their tears of joy, love and emotion, in everything that happened during the solemn mass. The celebration by the presbyter Miguel A. Vielma was very original, fresh, full of deep reflection and words of encouragement, since in his word he remembered that the Mother of God the Son is also, our Mother, for that reason we must go to his arms to trust your protection, guidance and help always. Also, the readings were in charge of Rosaura Gonzalo, Anayka Marín, Juan Quilarque and Carmensol Mejía.

It is valid to remember that this painting of the Virgin was first manifested in 1999, within the "Casa Flor" florist in Porlamar. When this event was known, the phenomenon managed to gather hundreds of followers, curious and devoted, in the small shop, and the news spread throughout Venezuela. This would begin 15 years ago, the miracle of the manifestation, accompanied also by inexplicable events only coming from the sky, from the good, from the true light.

The canvas wept there seven times its blood tears, where they incredibly made the natural journey that happens in the human face. Likewise, science would test the red liquid that would result in the confirmation of being human blood but lacking in a factor. There are thousands of testimonies that narrate the presence of the smell of flowers or lime while the rosary was being prayed at the florist's shop, as well as the bright frosts that appeared from nowhere among the attendees; These were also studied and it was confirmed that they came from vegetable, mineral and marine origin.

However, the miracle of the painting will not be there ... The Virgin would choose Mrs. Rosaura Gonzalo to make her messages known to the Venezuelan people, that ahead of the future and as only She can do it, she would call for peace, for reconciliation, to forgiveness and true prayer for the natural and sociopolitical destiny of our country and the world. Finally, it is at the request of the Virgin and in plain words given to her messenger, when the canvas is moved from the florist's shop to the church on May 14, 2014, so that it would be given to her custody, since she wished to be visited for all, in the house of his Son.

It has really been a very beautiful religious event, felt, full of union and conciliation, where many people shared with the author of the canvas, with the priests and personalities attending the celebration. This act of deep faith proves that Venezuela is and always will be a daughter of God, Catholic and attached to the religious precepts sent to us by the Magnanimous, his Son and his Mother, for these reasons our beautiful country is a free and light nation that will come out ahead. We invite you to read the interview we made to Ms. Gonzalo in October 2010, downloading the PDF material in the "Publications" button. You can also browse the official site of the manifestation,, there you will learn more about its author, the various phenomena that have happened in these 15 years and the messages that the Virgin dictated from 1999 to the present date.

We thank you Mother Santa for allowing us to accompany you in your 15 years and so, to be so close to you. We ask you to protect and bless Venezuela, to cover your people with your Mighty Mantle, fill it with your light always and give infinite love to the soul and mind of every Venezuelan ... Long live the Virgin Mary of the Valley, the only one, the conciliator !