In conversations with Father Ruperto, he pointed out that I should talk more about Mary, imagine, talk about Mary, the Most Holy, the Most Holy, look for the words where she could understand what She is, and I said to myself, how explain the love, humility and comfort that His presence produces? People ask me how is dressed? How is it presented? Which after a long time surprised me because my feelings were so wrapped up in the melodious sound of His words in the splendorous brilliance of his peace that at that moment was only for me what I felt in my heart the most important thing today that time passes and analyzing what Father Ruperto wanted to tell me, I understood that I must be more explicit.

Just as one day I said it, that She was a woman like all of us today I can give testimony of Her simplicity, Her humility imagine, asks us to help her with our prayers to Her, who is all light and is so close to God. Sometimes she appears in her white dress, a blue mantle with small drawings on the edge, without a crown, the Rosary in her hands and in both hands with two rings on her fingers where flashes of light come out. Other times only white, but always with the rings and the Rosary.

One day I asked her: Mother, what are those rings and those lights in your fingers? His response was so beautiful: "They are light of love and protection."


It is not easy for me to talk about her, I feel that I can fall short of such greatness, it is like a warm caress, when we feel restless, but I can tell you that never leaves us alone. Many times I'm wrong because I need so much to grow and She as a subtle Mother makes me know, today I can tell you that it is always and that this union that the Lord wanted to be in Him and maybe some do not understand and think that it is only suffering, today I can tell you that it is only love, because She is by my side, it relieves me, Her words comfort my spirit and my soul feels light. Everyone must live their own process of growth, that I understood in time with family, friends and when a concern assails me She is always there to give the answer, there are beautiful messages that will soon be coming out, where Mother's conversations daughter, because that is what She, the Immaculate Mother, is, you will be reflected in them.

In those special moments, where time and space disappear, where logic loses importance before the greatness of the inexplicable, there are so many beautiful things that I have lived through time and that in His generosity has been transferred to other people so close to me with the discovery of knowing that there are many more good people than we think, today a beautiful group has been forming, where everyone contributes something of their knowledge and above all of their love, because that is what that basically She is teaching us, what is love, forgiveness, understand that although we are all children of God, we have our own needs and beliefs and in a beautiful way, She tells us how to help them! Maybe I should explain more details, that at some point they will go out, but today I can not help, rejoice in His love and I ask you to be my guide and help me open this concern because it is not easy, first because it is exposed, for people It is easier to not believe than to believe, which implies a comfortable: No commitment. More if you knew, what it is to believe, open your eyes to His presence, feel it at our side, how many injustices in the world would end!

And I ask Ella, Maria del Valle, the only Conciliadora, to stay there, because I will always be there.

Rosaura Gonzalo
August 08, 2004