The Virgin of the Valley

Manifestation of the Virgen del Valle
Porlamar - Isla de Margarita - Venezuela

On October 26, 1999, at dawn (12:30 / 1:30 am) was seen for the first time, a few drops of red that came out through the eyes of a painting of the Virgen del Valle, painted by Rosaura Gonzalo .

She was arriving at her house, but she entered the Florist's shop first to turn off the lights; Upon entering, he felt a strong aroma of flowers, he thought at this time that an extra order had arrived from them, which was not correct. As he passed by the painting he noticed that there were small spots on his eyes and he thought that some of my children had stained him. When trying to clean it he realized that "that" was coming out of the eyes of the Virgin. He decided to come to my house and my mother returned with her to the florist. Mama, refers a strong smell of flowers and while Rosaura explained what happened, the Virgin began to water again. In those moments mom plays and tries "that", it was Blood.

They remained in the florist for a while, "disconnected" and thinking: Who would be told that a painting was crying blood?. The next morning there were some neighbors watching what had happened on the canvas, when suddenly began to appear other drops of what we said was blood, it was at that time that the news "ran like gunpowder" and was called Monsignor Ángel Vidal, the parish priest of the Church "The Epiphany of the Lord". He arrives almost at noon and he found the blood fresh but he did not see it come out. He said that the painting had to be removed from there, given to the church and some prayers. What was happening? What was that?

Rosaura was in a state of shock, she could not stop crying and this got worse when suddenly, explaining to some people what had happened, they looked at them with bewilderment. His body began to be covered with a very silver frost, very bright. From that moment the frost has always been present. We do not know what it really means. During all this time we have seen some objects frost, those who pray and those who do not pray, those who believe and those who do not believe, those who are in the florist's shop and those who are in another place. It has not been possible to establish a pattern, there is not ... it is something beautiful, it is something that Our Mother gives us and that we simply enjoy.

On the night of that same day (11:00 p.m. approximately) the Virgin wept for the third time; then on the 27th in the morning. On the 28th, the red liquid was tested. Lic. María Isabel Mata and Lic. Jeannette Rivera, both Bioanalysts, could verify that it was human blood, with the difference that the clotting time is longer. That blood could stay fresh for almost three and a half hours (3:30 hours) seven or eight hours later it got dark.

On the 29th the box is placed inside a glass box because Monsignor Vidal said it should not be touched. The days passed and the number of people who wanted to see the Virgin in a true feeling of faith doubled, others out of curiosity and others to see where "the threads" were.

Rosaura begins to have very strange dreams, the most repetitive, where many coffins appeared, a lot of water stirred up, many people dead in the streets. What to do with all that?

Then the emotions follow; impulses to do or say something. The people to whom I spoke were bewildered, it is definitely the Holy Spirit who speaks at those moments. After all this the presence of the Blessed Virgin.

At the suggestion of Dr. Rodrigo Ordaz, Pediatrician Pneumonologist, student of Theology and layman, committed to God full time, Rosaura began writing a diary on November 15, 1999. There were very important things happening that had to be carried out account. That day, Saturday, November 20, the Virgin tears again, for the fifth time; That day Moseñor Vidal had the privilege of seeing the Virgin cry. From that moment is when the studies are formalized by the Church and begin to take videos of the moments when the Mother to the manifestation.

On the 3rd of December, the Mother was present, and it was when she said that she was "sad because we have lost faith, we have strayed from the path and we are praying what is not." She asked us to pray to prepare souls, for when the rivers will take their course and the man will become mud ... "at the end he rose and said, see at his feet the coffins present in the first dreams.

It was then that it was defined that the Virgin was announcing a tragedy of natural characteristics, not political or social (at that time due to the proximity of the elections). The Virgin asked us to pray the Holy Rosary.

The next day, that is, on the 4th of December the Virgin wept for the sixth time and on the 11th of the same month until the date, the last time of her tears with tears of blood. When the tragedy of the Vargas District happened, sadly things happened as Rosaura said, that the Virgin had explained to her and how she had been writing it in her diary. It is then, when the Church decides to seal the picture, on December 18, 1999. The days go by and we continue praying the Holy Rosary, the Virgin insisted on this. In fact since November 1999 we met to pray at the Florist. We do it every Monday - Wednesday and Friday, at 7:00 p.m., by the way, Rosaura, many people and I learned to pray it here in the Florist.

It would be very long and extensive to talk about all the things that are happening, the number of people who are going to visit it and give thanks; We are carrying a book of testimonies of people who can give testimony of faith that they have received thanks from the Virgin, since there are more than 150, one more beautiful than another, a record of the people who come to visit her and Rosaura continues writing in her Daily, every day seeking the support of the Church, because in this beautiful and delicate task, we must all be committed and even more, in the messages that our beautiful Mother leaves us, we can see a clear request to approach the Church, the Sacraments and our Father in heaven.

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