The Virgin of the Valley

Manifestation of the Virgen del Valle


It is true that the Church has to be very cautious about this type of events, however, it should not be closed to verify in itself, what are the consequences of the Virgin being doing this type of manifestation, I can specify: people have begun to pray the Rosary, these in turn teach others, changes in people's habits, reconciliation of people with the Church who for various reasons had moved away from it, healings, healing with their due medical reports, etc. ...

Later, the Virgin began to make other types of manifestations on an image of María Rosa Mística, which is on the table where the Virgin's flowers are placed. On Monday, July 10, 2000, during the Rosary, a person got up and warned that the Virgin was crying (crystal tears). We call Father Faneite, Chancellor of the Curia, involved in the studies of the Virgin and who sealed the picture in December of '99. He recorded what was happening, the next day, that is, on July 11, 2000, the Virgin gave a message where she said to be called "María La Única La Conciliadora". This manifestation was repeated during the Rosary of July 31. On August 7, the journalist Idania Chirinos, was able to record the manifestation of the Virgin. She had gone to record the Rosary and she was with the tears of the Blessed Mother, she could record, also, when Dr. Rodrigo Ordaz made the tests in front of all the people. A few hours later the Virgin gives another message where, among other things, she says: "Do not listen, the signs sent are, blessed is he who can see because of them will be the Kingdom of heaven".

The Virgin cried again on December 27 (during the Rosary), on February 15, 2001, on August 15 (during the Rosary as well), the day of her Assumption into heaven. On the 16th and 17th of August, the 1st of September and the 20th of September of 2001.

The Manifestations of the Virgin Mary are for and for a single cause: To seek our approach towards His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a clear invitation to participate in his love, in his mercy. It is to fill our hearts and souls with all those beautiful things that only He is capable of delivering without asking for anything in return, and that because of that greatness of his, we give to all those who come to us.

Rosaura Gonzalo, plastic artist, began to paint the Virgen del Valle in the year of 1996 as a result of an accident and a subsequent promise to dedicate herself to her. The first time he saw that face on a canvas he told me: "that is the Virgin that I imagine", I told him that I was "crazy" because more like a woman and not a Virgin to which she replied: "Our Lady she is a woman like you and me who can sit down to drink coffee ". I say this, because really, how much reason I had, our Mother is not in an inaccessible place, it is not an image of plaster, wood or glass, it is certainly a woman who is among us, where we need her at our fingertips. How many times have we sat on his legs, cradled us and we do not realize?

I want to clarify that Rosaura and even I, we are women like so many, human beings who made mistakes, we fell, we did not know how to pray, catholic "light" as someone said. When Rosa told me that the Virgin asked to pray the Holy Rosary, what were we doing? If we did not know, many people have been involved with this demonstration and they have helped us, they have taught us, of course with the direction of the Virgin, who is our excellent teacher.

The changes at the spiritual and personal level are very evident, many conversions, especially ours.

There is something very important, most of the people who have approached the Virgin, are returning to the Church. This is something to reflect on. The work of our Blessed Mother, I repeat, is to promote the faith to approach her Son. She offers herself as a bridge, so that we can more easily reach Him. She invites us to conversion, to prayer, to live with Him in all the moments of our lives.

Here on the Isla de Margarita, in this florist, which by the way, I can give any number of reasons why I think we are unworthy of so much love, however, the reason why this happens here, only they know them. Things happen that only if you know God, Jesus, your beloved Mother, you will be able to understand; Rosaura, says a Rosary that a Muslim gave her and asked her to pray for her family every time she prayed, very common phrases "I do not know what happened to me but I felt I had to enter" What is there here that does not cause to leave? , or "I want to cry", etc ...

People who did not profess any religion have entered Catholicism, others participate today in confession and communion. People also come seeking help, to hear them, to make them feel loved and always, always, there is the Mother, beautiful, loving and dedicated to comfort and help us and it is incredible to feel the need to approach her Son; it ceases to be an "obligation".

Well, although, I spent a lifetime writing I would not finish saying everything that the Virgin gives us. This is a story that is written every day. Therefore, I have not finished yet. And I say: helping our brothers to get the Light of the Creator's knowledge, it is the task of all their children, I want to tell you that you are included and I also tell you that our Mother does not like the protagonism, you just get close to her, she hugs you and it tells you immediately the way to our Lord. We have to know that we have to be very generous, we have to give love, tenderness, time, encouragement, warmth and a lot of love, because to eternal life we will take only what we have given here.

For the moment I can only attest that what I have written is exactly what happened for the same salvation of my soul.

My best wishes;

Alba Marina Rodríguez Duben

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Photo: Anayka Marin..

Cuadro de la manifestación de la Virgen del Valle

Photo: Matilde de Robinson.

Photo: Anayka Marin.

Photo: Anayka Marin.