Viernes 21 de Noviembre de 2008
Artículo: por Andreas Wolff.

Teachdaireachd úr bho O'ighe na Glinne, "An Aon Té-Réiteachaidh"

Ann am Beurla (In English)

A TRULY remarkable message recently came from the Virgin of the Glen, ´The Only Conciliator´.

She says, we are all her children without distinction of race or creed. It comes to us at a time when the Community of Sant´Egidio, a Catholic lay community, is holding their annual prayer for peace in the world in Cyprus.

Founded by students in Rome in 1968, they now have over 50,000 members in 70 countries. They encourage prayers for peace and understanding, between different faiths, but also do practical work against violence, the death penalty and poverty. They have got a web-site in English, too, at

They first caught my attention, when George Bush visited them. Their guest list in Nicosia includes cardinals, rabbis, imams and Buddhist monks.

Cyprus is an excellent location at a time when the island in separated between Muslims and Christians and needs the dialogue. Hopefully it will also strengthen the ties between Rome and the Orthodox churches to bring them ´home¨.

Our Inverness-based group of young adults is thriving. We have now got up to around twenty people, who have now an interest.

We meet every Friday at 7.30pm at St Mary´s for prayer and there in tea afterwards in the Marian Room. Please do come along, if you feel young. There was the same spirit in the group last week, that must have been amongst those students in Rome in 1968, when they decided to do charitable work in the slums.

The message from the Virgin of the Glen and from Sant¨Edigio is to follow Christ and pray for peace, love and understanding in the world.