Viernes 27 de Febrero de 2007
Artículo: por Andreas Wolff.

Tha an Tighearna airson a bhith faisg air daoine ábhaisteach

Ann am Beurla (In English)

"THE LORD wants to be with ordinary people".

This is the message from Rosaura Gonzalo, my mother-in-law, the Venezuelan artist, who lives with the painting of the Virgin Mary.

She is staying with us in Argyll at the moment, and so I had the chance to interview her.

Born in a small town in the Andean mountains, which look a bit like the Highlands, she had 13 siblings. She could only do six years of school and got married at the age of 17.

In 2000 she had an accident and was told, she wouldn´t be able to use her hand again. Praying to Our Lady she promised to dedicate herself to her, if she cured her. And so it happened. The Virgin of the Glen is the patron of the sea.

Rosaura also has the stigmata. An investigation by the Church has led to the conclusion that they are genuine. She suffers from constant pain, but now realises that they are a sign of God´s love. This has led to the question, why her? She didn´t even attend Mass before this and got divorced twice.

Her explanantion is, that the Lord wants to show, that He is forgiving and wants to be with ordinary people, who aren´t perfect. It´s also a way for Him to express His grief about all the pain caused by us humans.

I have seen Rosaura´s feet bleeding, herself lying on her back, and the blood running up towards her toes, against gravity. Who else but Himself can do such things.

Rosaura also works politically against Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan government, which she feels is attacking the Church.

She visits prisoners, who have to stand horrible conditions in overcrowded cells, where they sometimes cant´s even all sit down. One of her pictures has cried blood in prison.

The pictures are native art using Venezuelan pearls and now Scottish sand (and paint). There will be an exposition in the parish church in Taynuilt, scon, and we hope to also come to the Cathedral in Oban as well as Inverness and possibly other places. You can have a look at her art on: